"Welcome to ELEVENPixHTX, where timeless moments meet new beginnings!

Formerly known as ETC Studios, this transformation marks more than just a change in name—it represents a spiritual journey of introspection, leading to a redefined vision. Through profound self-reflection, I've embraced the essence of rebirth and the promise of new chapters.

The number 11 holds deep significance, symbolizing not only a fresh start but also the emergence of new visions. It embodies the courage to delve into uncharted territories, capturing the essence of each moment with renewed clarity and purpose.

Here at ELEVENPixHTX, every click of the camera is an ode to this spiritual transformation. Join me in this journey where photography becomes a canvas for storytelling, encapsulating the beauty of new beginnings and the divine significance found within each captured frame.

Thank you for being part of this evolution. Let's embark together on this path of rediscovery, where every image narrates a tale of rejuvenation and the unwavering promise of new horizons."

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“I don't think your beautiful, I think you're beyond it!”